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A pressure test is carried out to confirm the efficiency of the air conditioning system and whether any refrigerant is still present. No appointment is necessary for this test; it is a “drop-in”, “while you wait” service and takes approximately 10 minutes.
A re-charge includes the following operations:- Recovery/removal of old refrigerant. System evacuation. This process will clean and remove particles and moisture from the system to enable correct operation once re-charged. Add compressor oil as necessary. Re-charge system to manufactures specified quantity. System Test. The re-charge process takes approximately 45 – 60 minutes.
We carry a large range of clutches to fit most makes and models. We can also source clutches from many other manufacturers. All our clutches have a minimum 12 months parts and labour guarantee and come supplied and fitted at very competitive prices.
Modern vehicles are controlled by a complex array of electronic computerised systems. In order to properly diagnose and rectify faults on these systems, specialised equipment is required.

We have invested in the latest diagnostic equipment to help us to rectify problems with Engine Management, ABS, Airbag and various other onboard vehicle systems. Our equipment covers the majority of vehicles in use on British roads today and is regularly updated to include new ones as they come on to the market.

By covering all you need to build skills and keep pace with these developments, the Bosch Diagnostics programme offers your business important benefits across five key areas:

ESI[tronic]: A range of technical software that covers parts identification, vehicle equipment listings, trouble shooting instructions and diagnostic information.

Test Equipment:
Including the KTS range of diagnostic test equipment.

Service Training: Covering basic test procedures through to the latest diesel and petrol injection systems.

Technical Hotline: Information from a team of dedicated technical information providers.

Knowledge Database: In the form of technical books referred to as yellow books and a technical bulletin Autotech.

Call us now on 0208 7560266 to arrange electronic diagnosis on your vehicle.